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A Classic with a Twist - Smoked Meatloaf

We all love a good meatloaf. It's simple to create and feeds the whole family! And the twist? Make it smoked. Meatloaf can be made so many ways, and we have made meatloaf so many times, we've stopped measuring our ingredients. The best part is, there are no rules to what you can add to meatloaf. Just remember you want a mixture thick enough to hold together in a cooking dish, but not so think that you could create a sculpture.

We started with the basics.

2lbs ground BFT beef

Parmesan cheese (shreds)


Diced onion

1 egg

Preferred seasonings

Begin with preheating the smoker to 235 degrees. There are a few recipes with varying temperatures and cook times, but no one right answer. Then mix all ingredients together and placing them in the cooking dish. We then wrapped ours in bacon, this will help keep moisture in the meatloaf as well as add grease to the very lean BFT meat. The only thing left was to cook! At 235 degrees, we cooked our meatloaf for 1 and 1/2 hours. Once finished, we removed it from heat and took the meatloaf out of the dish.

Easy, delicious and one of a kind!

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