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About us

   Our Ranch   

Welcome to BFT Ranch!  We thank you for your consideration of making one of the healthiest choices possible to feed your family with certified grass-fed, grass-finished beef. Our ranch is certified through the American Grassfed Association. The animals we raise are never in containment. They move freely over our 365 acre ranch; under our stewardship from birth until harvest. We live among our beloved mama cows as they conceive, deliver, raise and wean their calves. Thereafter, we manage and monitor our production herd through each point in their growth and development. We are fully accountable for the health and well-being of our herd which we ensure primarily through the high nutrient content of the grasses and mineral supplements they eat.  All of our animals are immunized against disease but are NEVER exposed to antibiotics, herbicides or pesticides. To learn more about our ranch and our commitment to our animals, take a look at our website

Purchase of BFT Ranch Beef allows you to receive all these benefits directly from the people producing this healthy product. This not only removes the the unexpected changes of the meat brokers, distributors and storefronts separating the ranch from your table, but also provides you significant cost savings for the very best meat you can serve. We love sharing our story and our meat! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates, or feel free to contact us. BFT Ranch Beef, providing healthy meat from our ranch to your table.

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