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Birthday Dinner

All is takes is the right cut of meat. In our family we have not one, but TWO birthdays on March 16th. This year we chose our daughter’s favorite cut, filet mignon. It doesn’t need much to make this perfect. We made our meal with roasted potatoes, and a garnish of mushrooms and onions. A small secret, bacon gave a little extra flavor too.

Make sure to have your meat out for a small amount of time to allow to bring it to room temperature. Sprinkle the meat with just salt and pepper, this cut has its own flavor. For roasting, set the oven to 400 and cut potatoes. Using a small amount of peanut oil, season the potatoes in salt, pepper, and garlic powder or any of your preferred seasonings. These will take just over an hour. Next prep your mushrooms and onions the way you like them. And while these two are mostly sautéed in butter or oil we made some bacon as our base. This adds a salty flavor without having to add seasoning. Once you have sautéed your garnishes, set them aside in a separate bowl. Using the same pan will allow for the flavors to add to the meat.

With pan frying, it is important to watch your temperature as to not overcook the meat. Start the pan on high and sear both sides for just about a minute each. Reduce the heat to medium-low. Add a tablespoon of butter to the pan and gently pour the melted butter over the steak, this keeps the steak moist as it finishes cooking. For this cut, each side should cook for roughly 4-6 minutes. Pull meat from the pan and allow it to sit for 2-3 minutes before cutting.

Happy Birthday to our lovely ladies! Hope you all enjoy this simple and delicious recipe.

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