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Keep It Simple - Steaks on the Grill

Sometimes you're tired! Sometimes you just want minimal effort. But you don't ever want to sacrifice flavor. Finding a good marinade and choosing a flavorful cut of meat is all it takes.

This dinner is so simple and only takes 1 hour, start to finish. Start with placing your meat in the marinade. We used a steakhouse marinade on cross-rib chuck steaks. These cuts mimics ribeye in marbling and makes for quick and great grilling.

While the steak sits, prep any veggies and sides. We love these quick 90-second steam rice bags. We also add butter for some extra flavor.

Next get the grill ready! I always start it hot and reduce to medium heat before use. (While steaks are on the grill, you can make everything else found in the photo.) This cut doesn't take much. Once on the grill, close the lid for 7 minutes. Flip and repeat. Using a propane grill, we turn off the gas and let the flame to go out before placing steaks on a cutting board. Allow steaks to rest 5 minutes. Throw together your plate and enjoy! Quick, simple but always delicious!

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