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Family Favorite - Roast

As Texas continues to refuse the arrival of Spring, it's still the perfect weather for a good roast!

This recipe is easy and has been given so many names that we've just adopted as our own as well. Only items you'll need are a slow cooker, a ranch powder packet, an au jus packet (or onion soup packet), 1 stick of butter, a few pepperoncinis, and of course a hearty chuck roast. Pictured is our roast, roughly 3 and a half pounds, and marbled with a fantastic balance of meat and fat.

First, start with a quick sear of the roast. Allow for your pan to be extra hot and each side will only need a couple of minutes before being placed in the slow cooker. Next, just add the packets sprinkled on top of the beef, along with the butter and a few pepperoncinis. Only thing left is to set your slow cooker, either on high for 4 hours or low for 8. Either way this makes a mouth watering roast than can be paired with nearly anything. Enjoy with roasted veggies or add some simple egg noodles, this meal will feed the whole family. Rarely do we find we have left overs.

Not only do we love this simple recipe but we love that we are able to use our grass-fed beef! The marbling in the cut and the natural meaty flavor of the beef are nothing short of amazing. From our family to yours.

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