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Handled with Care

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

As a beef producer, raising cattle from birth to harvest, it is imperative to us that we entrust our animals to a processor that will respect the animal as we have during its’ lifetime here at the ranch. We personally transport your animal to the processor, ensuring proper handling until processed. Our chosen processing facility is a multi-generational business, who themselves raise beef cattle. Proper handling in a calm, quiet manner contributes to the quality of your beef.

When you choose BFT Beef, you can be assured that the animal has been cared for most respectfully from birth to your table. These animals are under our care. We depend on them in many ways, not just for an end product. They are necessary for good land management; essentially tilling the soil with their hooves, fertilizing with their excrement and because of our rotational grazing schedule, they reduce our need to manage pests and unwanted weeds with herbicides and pesticides.

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