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Tri-tip Triumph

This triangle cut of meat is a wonderfully marbled bottom sirloin. Not as commonly found, this cut provides great flavor and tender steak. Being the bottom of the sirloin, it could just become your new favorite cut.

We happened to make this on a rainy day, and chose to broil the meat. When broiling, it is easy to overcook steak so make sure you keep a timer. We lightly seasoned our cut and put the broil on high. With about 6 minutes on the first side and another 3-4 on the other, we ended with a very juicy steak. Be sure to add some moisture, such as butter or some stock, to the steak once flipped. Starting with the fattier side up will also allow the the meat to keep it's moisture. As this is the triangle steak, the slim end will cook more. This cut makes a great meal for all the types of steak eaters.

We decided to pair our tri-tip with wheat berries, roasted broccoli, tomatoes, and top it with parmesan cheese. Roasting is simple but does take time. With just a little peanut oil and seasoning, roast the broccoli at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes. Wheat berries take a lot of prep but their texture adds great depth to a meal, and they are a fantastic substitute for rices and other grains. Begin with soaking 1 1/2 cups of wheat berries overnight. Next, bring wheat berries in water/stock to boil. Once they are boiling, reduce heat to medium, add any additional seasoning and cover for 45 minutes. The final step is to remove the pot from heat for 15 minutes and after drain any excess water. Plate together for a fresh, fabulous meal!

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